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Building on Blockchain pt. 6 ft. Chris Mezzacappa

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

This is our interview with Chris Mezzacappa, his story and mission. Building on Blockchain is an interview series, to find details on this series start here: [ link ].


We're proud to present the sixth part in our series with Chris Mezzacappa, founder and CEO of Bitconsult.

Building on Blockchain pt. 6 ft. Chris Mezzacappa

Summary: In this episode of Building on Blockchain, I sit down with Chris Mezzacappa. Chris is a long-time cryptocurrency user, enthusiast, consultant & blogger. Chris started the blog bitconsult in Sept. 2017 and he's been running it since. Topics covered: - Chris' background - How he got into crypto - Favorite projects right now - What the future of the industry will look like - Bitcoin and Bitcoin SV predictions - Who Satoshi Nakamoto might be - How our technologically driven pursuits might change us - How true financial transparency might change us - Good books we're reading right now

Below is our interview with the founder, Chris Mezzacappa. Thanks again Chris!

A big thank you to Chris Mezzacappa for giving us the pleasure of an interview and encouraging the pursuit of freedom and opportunity for individuals. We support your mission!


Did you enjoy Building on Blockchain pt. 6?

Let us know in the comments below!


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