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Building on Blockchain pt. 2 ft. Decent

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Their story, mission and our interview with the Founder and CEO. Building on Blockchain is an interview series, to find details on this series start here: [ link ].


We're very proud to present the second part of our interview series with Parker McCurley, Founder and CEO of Decent Technologies.

Building on Blockchain pt. 2 ft. Decent Technologies
Building on Blockchain pt. 2 ft. Decent Technologies

Decent aims to help build the future responsibly, by using smart contracts, decentralized applications & digital currencies. This is Decent, their mission and our interview with Parker McCurley, the Co-Founder & CEO. Thanks again Parker.


Software developers Parker McCurley and Adam Gall co-founded and incorporated Decent Technologies in May 2017 with goals of using digital currencies, decentralized applications & smart contracts to build a better future. Decent is now almost 2 years old and has already worked with many businesses and start-ups in the industry, such as PolyMath, Swytch, Spectiv, Arcade City, COTI & others. Decent is brought on as technical “Guns for Hire” to help finalize and launch blockchain initiatives. Some of these projects are extremely creative and ambitious, but need help executing. Now, thanks to Decent’s hard-work, businesses can find help launching blockchain initiatives on time. This is how Decent is creating a more reliable future, by building on blockchain.

ELC wanted Decent for Building on Blockchain because of their mission, attitude, & growth. As a company, Decent operates on the front lines of the industry. They help make things work for the people who are pushing the boundaries. Because of this, Decent was an obvious choice for Building on Blockchain.

Decent’s in-depth experience with developing has provided them a growing list of notable clientele, not to mention Decent also has grown their own communities, both online and on the ground level. Decent hosts a blockchain/crypto meet-up in Cleveland, OH. & Miami, FL., also administrating a community chat online. Rest assured, there are some very simple ways to connect with Decent (all linked below).

Here’s an image to describe the process:

This process allows clients to get the help they need in order to launch successfully. Clients can be entrepreneurs, investors, or teams in need of help developing, finalizing or launching their blockchain initiatives on time. This makes companies like Decent incredibly valuable to the industry. In a quickly developing industry- it is important to focus on what works.

Don’t let Decent fool you! While they are serious guns for hire, they also recently launched a software of their own: Topaz, announced by McCurley on 10/31/18. Topaz is software that allows anyone to easily integrate any of their data with any blockchain. This can help businesses and customers easily prove transparency and honesty in commerce. All-in-all it seems pretty clever. You can read more about Topaz here.


We spoke with Decent Technologies Co-Founder & CEO, Parker McCurley.


Parker is sharp, enthusiastic about his team & confident about the future; demonstrating exactly what you want to see from a CEO.

Below is our Q & A:

  • ELC: Building on Blockchain is all about the people that are on the front-lines of the industry. What is it like working with these businesses on a day-to-day basis? Parker McCurley: "It’s really interesting, right? To make a long-story short you could say the bull-run was a financial battering ram that changed a lot of things and started a lot of very fascinating and ambitious projects. However, there’s a lot of social implications of decentralized systems that don’t really fit well with the existing legal frame-work in the United States and plenty of other countries. Because of this, a lot of the capital that has been generated has been invested in legislation and research to find ways to bring this technology to a place where its useful today, and not just a dream-shot for the future. So that’s kind of a premise of Decent and what we do.

“What it is like is, trying to remain extremely objective, technical & logical while all the associated culture and conversation is popping up around the non-technical aspects of our industry, which there are many of. In essence we’re trying to be the gate-keepers of truth.”
  • ELC: Briefly, where would you say the blockchain industry is headed by 2020? Parker McCurley:I think we’re going to see a pretty accelerated change, even in comparison to other tech bubbles that have occurred. I think we’ll see a lot of devices being built to bridge common business requirements to blockchain. At the next step, allowing people to interact with products that are powered by smart contracts, but don’t require direct knowledge of how blockchains work, to use properly. We’re at that point where a better user experience for businesses, rather than software developers, is going to make progress so much faster.”

  • ELC: Any interesting projects in the works? Teams you’re working with? Parker McCurley: “A really interesting project we were working on is with a company called Swytch. They’re pretty impressive, an amazing team by background; they’re in the energy industry. is their website, and they’re working on a way to gamify the production of renewable energy and also the lack-of-production of non-renewable energy. Using a reward system for big players in the energy industry to really incentivize the production of renewable energy, and I think in the bigger picture contribute to man-kind’s departure from using non-renewable resources. It’s been a really cool project to work on because there is a lot of really talented people strapped into this.”

  • ELC: What is an average day of work like for the Decent CEO? Parker McCurley: “My schedule is totally variable. Sometimes I’m waking up super early to catch a flight, but on an ideal day I’m waking up at 9:30. I get up, catch up on e-mails, then I focus on managing the relationships we have with our clients, making sure that we’re making good progress on all the projects that we have going on. Then, the rest of my day is dedicated to writing code and hacking away on stuff. I’ll break for dinner, have a couple beers and then get back to work.”


It appears there hasn’t been a dull moment for Decent Technologies. Parker was able to recount a multitude of fun memories from their journey, some of his favorite (pictured) are from some of their earliest days.


A big thank you to Parker McCurley and Decent Technologies for giving us an interview and an in-depth look at your corner of the industry!


Did you enjoy Building on Blockchain pt. 2?

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